Teddy Bear Test

This past Wednesday Josh and I were able to host my photographer friend and his wife for dinner. Dinner was spent finding out more about each other's families and then after dessert, I got to pick Jon's brain for an hour or so about photography. During that time I shared with him that while I definitely liked the full frame aspect of the 5d that he loaned me, I actually found my t3i to be stronger in some aspects due to its higher technology. (the 5d was released in 2005 while the t3i came out in 2011) Immediately after I said that Jon offered me to take his 5D mark ii (ahhh my dream camera) for a while. Of course I said yes!

So the next few days were spent playing on that camera and a few lenses. I love it! It's an adjustment for sure, but this sucker is sweet. During our meeting Jon told me of a photographer who uses a teddy bear to practice with, so I stole that idea and enjoyed practicing on Friday afternoon. Here are just a few photos from that 'shoot' all SOOC (which is just amazing!).


Teddy bear kept falling over... needed some help.