Holly Deng

When I became a mom in 2011 I was determined to take good photos. I read gobs of blogs and tutorials and enjoyed attending a ton of virtual seminars and learning sessions. Once I actually got my first DSLR in my hands, I fell in love with the idea of preserving some of your most special moments of life in the best way possible to cherish for the rest of your life.
I can now gratefully say I've taken thousands of photos for hundreds of clients to help preserve their special moment. I'd love to help you capture yours!

I love my family. I married my main man in 2009 and inherited a great last name- Deng (sounds like Dang, just spelled with an E ).  We began a family together in December of 2011 when our little girl was born, then expanded that family in April of 2014 with a little boy, and grew again September 2017 when we welcomed our 2nd daughter. 
I love DIY stuff, artsy fartsy things, and house projects big and small, inside and out. Pinterest is my friend but I can also definitely say I'm glad it came around AFTER I got married (can I get an amen?)! Instagram is fun to keep up with my friends but nothing replaces face to face hang outs and catch ups.

I prefer cats to dogs (gasp!). I love summer time, but GA spring is soon topping it for me. 
If I had cable, HGTV would be on almost all the time in the background. I love Jesus and am saved by His grace. 

And obviously, I love photography. ;)