Evans Family- Maternity Session

John and Megan go together like mashed potatoes and gravy, like Target and women, like Downton Abbey and Sunday nights, like Orange & Maroon (holla Hokies), like bacon and fruit loops... well maybe not the last two, but those two have been some of Megan's pregnancy cravings (not together).

The point is God very much purposed for Megan and John to come together and it's neat to see how they love each other, compliment each other's personalities and how easy they are together. They make you feel at ease when you're around them and despite the rain showing up right. at. 2pm (when our session started) they went right on. Taking pictures of them during this special time in their lives was so fun and I am so excited to meet their darling little girl who will be here very soon! I hope you enjoy looking through their adorable maternity photos.

Told ya they just go together. =)


John about died laughing when he said this was a very GQ pose on the left... but their smiles are just so great!!

 Seriously Megan- you're gorgeous! 

And then we decided to brave the rain and get some shots under the umbrella, which just happened to be pink and white- very fitting since they are having a girl!