No More Running to the Mailbox- The MacFarlane Family Session

During the month of December I take one 'chore' away from my hubs  beat my husband to the mailbox daily. Every day I run out to the mailbox to go see what new REAL MAIL awaits us! I LOVE getting Christmas cards from friends and family and it is like opening mini-presents every day!

Normally I would never be excited about the end of Christmas cards arriving daily, but there is one small consolation in this fact for me this year. It means I can now blog about all the family photo sessions I got to do without spoiling my clients/friends Christmas card photos!

And for the sweet MacFarlanes it was particularly important for me to not spoil their photos as they had a very fun and big announcement in their pictures!

They are a great, easy-going family. Beth is energetic and out-going while Ryan is chill and lightly-reserved. They balance each other so well and are both so genuine. Janae takes after her momma and has LOADS of energy. I have no doubt she will be a source of entertainment for their family for years to come!

Without further ado- here are the MacFarlane's family pics:

Baby MacFarlane # 2 is coming in May!!!

 Such a sweet girl.

The lighting + this beautiful family= swoon!