Riley & Brad, Engaged!

It was the day before we were going to leave for our big family vacay and this was the last thing to do before we left, yet it was THE BIGGEST and most exciting thing to do before we left!!

Brad had been planning his proposal for a while, and had gathered a whole team of friends and family to help him pull it off. He prepared a whole scavenger hunt all over Blacksburg that would ultimately end in the Hahn Horticultural gardens with his big proposal!
Brad asked me if I'd be willing to photograph the actual proposal and I was totally on board.

I arrived to the gardens and scoped out my hiding spot, chatted with brad about his plan, and off he went to go meet his girl as she arrived. I've never shot a proposal and I was SO nervous she would see me and I'd ruin the intimacy of their moment and their proposal! However, she totally didn't see me and I couldn't hear them- so they still got to have their special time while having it preserved for their lives.  Best of both worlds! We even got to take a few "Just Engaged" photos and it was such a privilege to be there during such a special time!

Off to go meet his future wife!!

 Here they come!!!

Riley's response was amazing- She could not have looked more happy or in love!

I totally cried in the bushes at this point!

Say hello to the future Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt!!

Congrats you two!!!