Wyatt Family- Mystical Foggy Morning Family Session

We ran into them at Lowe's while running errands as a family and after sharing that we were moving this Summer, Ariana made sure to lock down a photo session before we moved. Needless to say, I'm thrilled it worked out because it was one of the best ways to spend some time with them in my absolute favorite meadow in Blacksburg. (you'll notice a trend in my posts that I shot a lot of my last sessions in Blacksburg in The Meadow) We met up bright and early on a Saturday morning, and the lighting was, sorry to sound cheesy, magical. It really was though. I loved all the giggles, sweet smiles, fun times and laughter with this family. You really get to see how a family relates in a family session and it's an honor to be with this one. They love each other dearly, kindly, and honestly. It's beautiful. (I also threw in a couple sillies that are what little kids live for!) Enjoy!

Some sweet brother love