Emily's Meadow Senior Session

This dear lady's high school graduation is here and I can't believe it! I haven't known Emily an incredibly long time but in the years I've gotten to know her I consider myself truly blessed. She is kind, generous, patient, funny, smart, and a fun person to be around. My kids adore her and we still grieve losing her as their babysitter.  She is the type of babysitter who brings pompoms (the craft kind not the cheer-leading ones) and rubber ducky toys, the one who reads with the kids on the couch and knows each child's favorite books.
Emily is an amazing balance of humility and confidence. Her heart for justice for the marginalized and oppressed is a beautiful treasure from the Lord and I am excited for how God will grow this heart of hers as she attends Radford University this fall and participates in their military program. I am incredibly proud of this woman and watch out world, she is going to be a change maker! Love you dearly Emily~

Those gorgeous eyes!

Emily has one of the best model faces!