The Kangs - Beautiful Rural Family Session

I literally had to call Esther on the way to the shoot to tell her to go to our 2nd location since light was fading fast and when we got out of our cars we could see the ominous clouds rolling in towards us. But Paul & Esther trusted me and didn't doubt our session for one second and as a photographer this is HUGE. Knowing your clients trust you and believe in your ability is crucial to being able to shoot your best. The Kang family is so genuine, so kind, so joyful and the laughs abounded with them as they just enjoyed their time as a family taking pictures!
They often call their boys Joyful Josiah and Jolly Jeremiah and it's so fitting as their boys are so sweet and energetic. Esther is a beautiful woman & soul and Paul is such a loving husband and dad. I absolutely loved taking pictures of their family and am so proud with how they came out. Enjoy~

 Sweet Jeremiah just turned ONE!

Josiah's giggle in this just melts me! 

 Esther is stunning. So calm, so present, and such a source of comfort to her family.