The Neals- Family Summer Session

Alissa is the first client who has invited me over to her house after I delivered her family's pictures, to talk about where and what sizes and which pictures from the session they should hang in their house. Something about walking through her home and seeing where pictures of her family (that I took) would hang was extremely humbling and honoring. I know I take pictures for clients to print them off and cherish for years to come, but the actual process was amazing to me.
I feel so blessed and humbled and honored to be able to serve clients in this way. Your home is a haven for your family and seeing the pictures hung on the wall of your family reminds you of the bond, the safety, the friendship , the laughs, and love that runs deep in your family and tells your story.

The Neals as I have mentioned already, are some of the most genuine people we know. They are kind and other-centered and have a strong but humble presence that just puts anyone at ease around them. I love them dearly and am so honored to call them friends. Their oldest son, Kolbi, is about to head off to college and although I know they will miss him dearly (his two younger brothers, Brennan and Camden adore him!!) I know they are cheering him on with full confidence of his future! Good luck Kolbi and here are some of my favorites from their session.