Deng Good Life Photography

I had been studying and reading about aperture, shutter speed, Kelvin, white balance, and  "shooting wide open" for months. Words like Bokeh, composition, exposure, focus, and shooting in RAW were running through my head. 

I bounced up and down like a 4 year old on Christmas morning the day my SLR camera arrived. It was time to move on from the point and shoot camera. I decided from the moment I opened the package with my new camera that I would shoot on manual only and try to take full advantage of the camera's abilities. 

And ever since that August day in 2012 I have fallen more and more in love with photography. I LOVE that photography allows me to capture bits of life and freeze those moments.  I love talking to other people who enjoy photography. I love when people ask me to take photos of them and their family. It's an honor and it's fun to help them 'pause' their life and enjoy looking at those special moments for years to come.

I still have much to learn. And that is what I love about photography- no matter if you are starting out or have been in the industry for years- you can always learn and grow. I still have to remind myself to say I. S. O. instead of  I-SOH.  I watch tutorials and read articles about photography every single day to help me grow in this area that I love. Every time I pick up my camera it's another chance to freeze a moment to be cherished and I want to do that well.

I am excited that opportunities to take other people's photos have been happening more frequently and I want to make it easier for that to happen.  

I hope you enjoy what you see here on the blog and in the mean time, I'll keep enjoying what I see through my lens. 

Welcome to Deng Good Life Photography.