Borrowing Toys

SOOC (no editing) Taken on the Canon 5D with the 50mm 1.4 lens

Recently I started thinking through who in my sphere of people knows photography and probably has nicer equipment than me, that I could pick their brain.

I came up with a guy named Jon from our church, and fortunately Jon was receptive to me poking him on the shoulder after a recent concert and asking him if I could pick his brain. Jon is a full time photographer and has really nice photography toys equipment, so I knew he would be a good choice.

Well little did I know he'd be so nice as to let me borrow not only an 'old' camera body he's not using but also some REALLY nice lenses as well. (each one of these starts at $350 and goes on up).

SOOC on my Canon 3ti with 85mm 1.8 lens (LOVE this lens)

So this afternoon I've had a lot of fun testing out the new lenses and new (to me) camera as well. I do foresee upgrading my equipment in the future and pray it will be semi-sooner than later. In the mean time I'm grateful to learn on these borrowed pieces and to continue studying so I will be even more ready when the time comes for the upgrade.

Taken on my Canon 3ti with 85mm 1.8 lens