First Mini-Session Saturday- Complete!

This past weekend, I hosted my first mini-session Saturday and it was GREAT! I absolutely LOVE shooting mini sessions! They are only 20 minutes long but they pack a punch! It's so fun.

This first mini-session Saturday was held at Brown Barn (aka Heritage Park) and the lighting was perfect. The weather definitely got quite chilly as the sun started setting, but when I'm shooting I hardly notice. However, the moment I put the camera away it's like my mind is suddenly freed up to realize how cold it is.

K├Ąthe is simply stunning.

 These kids are amazing!

I admire Nancy as a mom and how she loves her kids so individually!

I am so grateful for my sweet hubs who even let me guinea pig the fam on Friday night to test the lighting and locations. I could not do this hobby without his support to let me take the time away from the fam to actually photograph people and also to do all the post processing as well. I am so grateful he supports me in it, as it gives me so much life!

Love these three. (hint they're my fam)