Life is Blooming!

The fun thing about having a side-business is the ebb and flow that comes with it, and that you can choose what works for you in your season of life.

Right now I am SO enjoying that life is literally blooming around me and I have had several opportunities the past few weeks to get behind the camera again. There is something special about being able to create and express yourself artistically- you feel you.

There are still so many to-do's and life doesn't stop, but for those few moments while I am shooting I am just Holly. The busy-ness of my life pauses and I am able to enjoy 'pausing' other people's lives in photos so those memories last in picture form.

So as I sit down at my computer to cull, process, edit and finalize these photos I will consider myself most blessed and so very grateful for the husband who supports me, the Lord who has gifted me, and the people who invite me into their lives through photography.