Ariana- Professional Headshots Session

One of the things that's been really exciting for Deng Good Life Photography since we started just about 8 months ago is that people have asked me 'Do you do_____ type of photography?', and unless that blank was 'wedding photography' my answer has typically been, 'I haven't yet but I'd be willing to try!' (although the idea of doing weddings is a future dream of mine!!)

Ariana was my first 'professional headshot' client and I'm of course biased because she's a neighbor and friend, but I think you'll agree that this session turned out great. This obviously wasn't her first rodeo getting headshots, so she knew what to do when the camera turned on. I felt SO spoiled as I got to really focus on the art of my craft and the photography while we took her headshots, and I think she got a good array of options for her portfolio. Enjoy!

 She has one of the kindest smiles.