The Chau's- Winter Family Christmas Card

Christmas in July? How about August? The tricky thing about taking family photos for Christmas cards is I don't post on the blog about it till wayyyy after the Christmas season, just so there is no risk to ruining the client's posts and cards sent out. But in doing so, it often gets moved to the back burner, and then often not posted because it seems silly to post it so late.  Well no more. These photos deserve to be shared and we're just REALLY early to the next Christmas season.

It's always an honor when I get a text like "Hey we need some family photos for our Christmas cards" or I run into a momma somewhere during errands and they say, "Oh man, we really need some updated family photos! The last time we took some were when "x" was "blank" years old."

I'm a mom of 3 and getting the family together, looking presentable and like we like each other is a big deal, but yet the photos are SO worth it! I kid about the liking part because the truth is we love our families, quirks and all and littles don't keep little and time marches on whether we want to or not, and lots of other colloquialisms abound for the need to have family photos made! Without more babbling from me, here is the sweet Chau family that will absolutely melt your heart with the snuggles, adorable baby and sisters, and dreamy light!